Featured Fountain Double Feature!

Since we missed last week’s Featured Drinking Fountain, it’s only fitting that this week’s fountain features not one, but two sources for NYC’s famous drinking water!  One for the human-types, and one for the canine-types:

Yes, given its proximity to Dog Run 87 in Riverside Park at 87th Street, this fountain features an integrated water dish that’s for the dogs!

This week’s featured water fountain exemplifies the new standard style commonly found in NYC parks, and reminds us of another NYC icon, the Checker Cab.  Yes, this fountain is of classic design, but tough as nails!  Just note it’s sturdy construction, including brass horns to protect the spout from bat-wielding baddies!

Water pressure on this drinking fountain is excellent, both for the humans:

and the hounds:


Friday Featuted Fountain

We continue our Spring salute to the Greenway’s drinking fountains with this week’s Featured Fountain:

This fountain, located near the 83rd Street underpass into Riverside Park is of classic proportions and appears to be very old.  We believe it to be among the oldest in the park, and would love to know more about its history.

Water pressure is decent, and the water itself is cool and refreshing.

Featured Fountain

This week’s featured drinking fountain is located at 116th Street and Riverside Drive, at the entrance to Riverside Park.

This monumental fountain was dedicated in 1910 by the Women’s Health Protective Association, in commemoration of the organization’s twenty-fifth anniversary.  For over one hundred years, this water fountain has bubbled up New York City’s world-renowned drinking water for the surrounding community.

Heavy Lifting / Featured Fountain

Recently, a massive crane barge has appeared next to the Intrepid at Pier 84, along with some very interesting cargo.

Our initial assumption was that these complex objects would be part of an exhibit for the nearby Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, but word on the street is they have an even grander purpose!

These pieces are in fact rumored to be prefabricated sections of Vessel, a monstrous sculpture that will be the centerpiece of the Related Companies’ Hudson Yards project!

Renderings of Vessel (Source: Heatherwick Studio)

If you happen to stop by in hopes of viewing some truly heavy lifting, you may also consider visiting our weekly featured water fountain, located nearby on Pier 84.

This fountain offers NYC’s famous crystal clear water…

…and is also located just West of a very fun looking water park!

Additional Info:

Specifications for the Crane Barge, Columbia NY

News and Renderings of Vessel

Featured Water Fountain

We continue our series celebrating the Greenway’s water fountains with this week’s featured fountain:


This week’s water fountain is located in Riverside Park South near 61st Street, directly across from New York Central #8625.


The fountain is shaped in a graceful arch, features a matching stepping stone for its shorter patrons, and delivers cool drinking water at just the right rate.

Its locomotive neighbor, an Alco S-1, is displayed as a monument to the area’s history as a rail yard.

It is interesting to note that this locomotive was never actually owned or operated by the New York Central.  It was sold new to the Erie Railroad in 1946 (later the Erie Lackawanna), and then in 1967 went on to work the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal (later the New York Cross Harbor).  The NY Times published an article about its restoration and installation in the park back in 2006. 

Water Fountains Return!

These days the Greenway abounds with the signs of Spring: the weather has turned mild, the cherry blossoms are blooming, and, in perhaps the surest sign of Spring, the Parks Department has begun reactivating water fountains after their long winter hibernation!  To celebrate, we will be featuring a different Water Fountain each week through the Spring.

Our first featured fountain is located just North of the Classic Playground on the Greenway near 77th Street:

Along with its nearly identical counterpart just South of the Playground, this bubbler serves the area well.  And as can be seen, the Parks Department did an impeccable job of tuning this fountain up – it delivers the perfect flow of cool crisp water.

For anyone interested in what it takes to keep the City’s fountains flowing, we recommend this article by the New York Times.