Fleet Week!

The flurry of activity yesterday morning at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal was explained by afternoon as Fleet Week cruised into town!

Visiting us this year are the USCGC Hamilton:

And the USS Kearsarge:

A hearty welcome to their crews and visitors!


Anticipation on the Docks

This morning the Manhattan Cruise Terminal was all aflutter with police and military presence on land and sea.  We speculate that this must be in preparation for an arriving vessel, but just what docks will remain to be seen.

Welcome Juan Sebastian de Elcano!

Greetings to the crew of the Juan Sebastian de Elcano, visiting from Spain on its annual training cruise!


The ship dates back to 1927 and is the third largest tall ship in the world!  Currently docked at Pier 90, the Elcano will be open for free public tours this week until its scheduled departure on May 8th.  From New York, the ship will stop by Ireland, the Netherlands and  Belgium before returning to Spain.

More Information:

Details about the Elcano and its visit in New York