Greenway Closure Tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon the Intrepid will host President Donald Trump, and in anticipation of the ensuing pandemonium, the Greenway is being closed between 43rd and 55th from 3 to 10 pm.  This is actually a welcome change from the last time the Intrepid hosted then-candidates Trump and Clinton, in which the NYPD spontaneously closed the Greenway.


Line Right Up!

This very long line was spotted this morning leading up to Pier 94.  Many in line were equipped with folding chairs, and most had some type of baggage, indicating they were in it for the long haul.  But what was at the end of the line?  Metallica tickets?  Cro-nuts?  The Chinatown Bus?  Well, it appears that today Pier 94 is hosting TechDay, “the largest startup event in the U.S.”, including an open casting call for the popular television show, Shark Tank!  Best of luck to all these would-be shark bait!