Sculptures on the Move!

A large box truck was found parked this morning on the Greenway at Riverside Park South.

A relatively mundane detail, if it were not for this inscription which is sure to peak the interest of the astute observer:

And yes, in short order three bona-fide Sculpture Arrangement Professionals rolled onto the scene with a giant mangled paperclip!

Stay tuned for updates as we track the progress of this installation. 


Art NY brings Modern Art to the Greenway

Pier 94 is currently hosting Art New York, a contemporary art show.  To get their patrons in an artistic frame of mind, you may have noticed the Pier has been spruced up with a few contemporary sculptures.  Here we have ‘Lady on a Horse’:

And here is ‘Golden Squiggle’:

And finally, ‘Scabby’:

Heavy Lifting / Featured Fountain

Recently, a massive crane barge has appeared next to the Intrepid at Pier 84, along with some very interesting cargo.

Our initial assumption was that these complex objects would be part of an exhibit for the nearby Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, but word on the street is they have an even grander purpose!

These pieces are in fact rumored to be prefabricated sections of Vessel, a monstrous sculpture that will be the centerpiece of the Related Companies’ Hudson Yards project!

Renderings of Vessel (Source: Heatherwick Studio)

If you happen to stop by in hopes of viewing some truly heavy lifting, you may also consider visiting our weekly featured water fountain, located nearby on Pier 84.

This fountain offers NYC’s famous crystal clear water…

…and is also located just West of a very fun looking water park!

Additional Info:

Specifications for the Crane Barge, Columbia NY

News and Renderings of Vessel