Featured Fountain

This week’s featured drinking fountain is located along the Greenway near Ten Mile River Playground.  The fountain is very unique, including two  spouts at different heights and a bottle filler!

When we visited last Friday this fountain was very in-demand, and in near constant use.  Unfortunately the water pressure seemed to be a little out of adjustment, as the spout propelled cool, clean NYC water across the playground.

The spot also offers prime viewing of the 151st Street Pedestrian Bridge, which as of last week was up to two main spans:


Spring Gala

The mysterious tents that were reported yesterday appear to have been staged for the Riverside Park Conservancy’s Spring Gala which took place last evening.

This may also explain the appearance yesterday morning of the Parks Department’s trailer-mounted, gasoline-powered leaf blower.

Loud? Yes!  Effective? Maybe!

Sculpture Missing!

In follow up to Monday’s post, our reporters have been searching far and wide for the whereabouts of the sculpture seen transported along the Greenway, but to no avail!  New theories have cropped up: some propose we have been witness to the sculpture heist of the century.  Others conjecture that the sculpture was existing in some obscure area of the park and was removed for safe keeping during nearby construction.  Still more theorize that perhaps the sculpture’s (dis)appearance  was related to this recently constructed tent compound just to the North:

It’s purposes remain unknown.  We will remain ever vigilant until these questions are answered!

Sculptures on the Move!

A large box truck was found parked this morning on the Greenway at Riverside Park South.

A relatively mundane detail, if it were not for this inscription which is sure to peak the interest of the astute observer:

And yes, in short order three bona-fide Sculpture Arrangement Professionals rolled onto the scene with a giant mangled paperclip!

Stay tuned for updates as we track the progress of this installation. 

Featured Fountain!

As we celebrate the Greenway’s drinking this Spring, we call your attention To this installation near Pier 97:

This modern fountain is typical of the those installed in Hudson River Park from here down to the Battery.  One interesting feature is that these fountains are, at least theoretically, able to operate year-round due to an anti-freeeze valve.  There is a slight delay in the action, but the result is cool NYC water even through the Winter.

If you stop by, you might also check out this wonderful art installation at nearby Pier 96:

Peer inside this giant metal bottle and you will find it very comfortably equipped for an extended sea voyage.