What SUP!

Among the flotsam and jetsam floating in the Hudson what did we spy…

…but a trio of Stand Up Paddleboarders!  

Surely the first sighting of the season!


Citi Bike Poll – Helmets!

To Helmet or Not to Helmet… That is the Question!  It is a classic debate, and one which has garnered more attention recently as more communities consider introducing bike share systems.  The question often asked is, how can a program that relies on a patron’s ability to spontaneously grab a bike accommodate users that would prefer to ride with a helmet?  Many solutions have been proposed, including helmet rental schemes, ultra-portable folding helmets, and even disposable helmets!  In municipalities where helmet use is mandatory, such as Seattle and Melbourne, these compulsory helmet laws have been blamed for bike share programs that have failed to thrive.  

All this begs the question:  in a city such as New York, which has a successful bike share program, and allows its citizens to don whatever headwear they feel most appropriate while riding a bike, just how many Citi Bikers are wearing helmets?  To investigate, we dispatched The Observer’s ever-vigilant pollsters yesterday morning to survey Citi Bikers.  

Day: Wednesday, March 29th

Start: Greenway at Christopher Street, 7:48 A.M.

Finish: Greenway at 76th Street, 8:08 A.M.

Weather: Low-40s, cloudy and breezy.

And now, the results:

Helmets: 13

No Helmets: 18

Of 31 polled, only about 42 percent wore helmets.  Would this mean a 58 percent drop in Citi Bike ridership if helmets were made mandatory in New York City?

Bike Snob’s Bike Forecast

Last week, prolific cycling author The Bike Snob NYC unveiled a new blog in collaboration with Transportation Alternatives.  The new blog is touted as a “Daily Bike Forecast”, but also features helpful tips for New York Cyclists, including street conditions, ticketing activities, and activism opportunities.  Of course, there is also a heavy helping of the Snob’s famous wit.  The Bike Snob’s Daily Bike Forecast is highly recommended.

Ahoy Tennessee!

The BBC Tennessee was seen passing by the Greenway on its journey from Albany, all the way to Steveston, British Columbia!

Here’s wishing smooth sailing to the Tennessee and her crew!

UPDATE!  The Tennessee is not headed for B.C. as originally reported, but has a new destination: Kristiansand, Norway!

Construction Watch: 151st Street Pedestrian Bridge

Observers may have noticed some major milestones have been met in construction of the new pedestrian bridge at 151st Street.  The new bridge is projected to cost 24.4 Million Dollars, and will link Hamilton Heights with Riverbank State Park and the Greenway.


Last Summer the project took a hard hit, as concrete foundations were found to be faulty and had to be removed and re-poured.  Now however, real progress is being made.

In the past week, steel beams have been set in place over the West Side Highway and Amtrak right-of-way.  No small task considering how busy these corridors are!

It also appears that grading of the approach switchbacks from 158th Street has been completed:

Additional Information:

Architect’s Newspaper Coverage of Construction Delays