Citi Bike Poll – Boys vs. Girls

With Saint Valentine’s Day behind us, let us temporarily cast our romantic inclinations aside and engage in an impromptu Citi Bike Poll – “Battle of the Sexes” Edition!

To that end we polled Greenway Citi-Bikers this morning to see who was on top of the Citi Bike game – ladies or gentlemen.  We will reveal the shocking results, but first, the stats:

Day: Thursday, February 23rd

Start: Greenway at Christopher Street, 7:45 A.M.

Finish: Greenway at 76th Street, 8 A.M.

Weather: Mid-40s, foggy with breaks of sun, little wind.

And now, without further ado, drumroll please…

Men: 25

Women: 7

Of a total 32 Citi Bikers polled, Men made up an astounding 78 percent!  This seems to be in line with Citi Bike’s published demographics, an in depth study of which was performed by I Quant NY in 2014.

We plan to re-poll in the future to see how these numbers might evolve as the seasons change.


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